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Somehow I decided it would be perfectly reasonable to build a game demo for my senior animation project. I think it was the spite talking. It was built over the course of two consecutive semesters, so it is a bit vague due to time constraints and there only being one of me.

This game is largely an atmospheric loose narrative about fear, anxiety, gender, sexuality, and mental illness. It asks little of the player task wise, existing most so to be experienced and interacted with. Some things are serious, but there are also simple joys in there, like why you can only jump in one particular room.

I don't recommend playing this if you're epileptic. no jump scares, but there are flickers, patterns, slight perspective abnormalities, and infra-sound. I had planned to make an epileptic safe version but realized i'm terribly unknowable on the subject and was unable to obtain the information necessary to declare it safe. Feedback on that is always welcome for future endeavors however.


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